We're Nimble, Design-Centric
and Dedicated

We are a proven and talented team

Simply put, we are a nimble, design-centric firm that creates exceptional brand experiences in print and online. We have a passionate and talented team that has earned a reputation for creating beautiful, progressive solutions. While we are proud of our work, our focus is always on generating ideas that help our clients grow their business and increase their bottom line.

  • John Burton

    John founded Echo in 1991 at the tender age of 25. With more than two decades of experience working with clients on marketing strategy, branding, messaging and web development, there's a lot of knowledge living up there in his cranium. He's also our technology junkie with more tablets than a human being should be allowed.

  • Julie Usalis
    Art Director

    Julie has been with Echo for more than 14 years. As Art Director, she manages our designers and designs herself. She is professionally trained in graphic design, typography and color theory. Additionally, her exceptional attention to detail and organization borders on the edge of obsessive compulsive behavior.

  • Jacki Wilson
    Vice President

    With more than 14 years experience in business development, Jacki is a seasoned pro with a great level of knowledge and client expertise. She's our "go to" guru when it comes to media strategy, media buys, search engine marketing and multi-channel advertising. She also has a secret formula which she uses to maintain the whitest teeth ever.

  • Leslie Groenwoldt

    Leslie has worked with Echo for more than a decade. As a graphic designer, she provides well thought out, on-brand design solutions. She is very talented and has a great attention to detail. She also is professionally trained in graphic design, typography, color theory and design proportions. She's a great Mom too.

With more than two decades under our belt, we’ve been down the roads younger firms are currently traveling. Along the way we’ve learned what works and just as importantly, what doesn’t.

Reasons to choose Echo Design Group

There are many reasons clients choose to work with Echo. We’re sure our sparkling personalities, our technology savviness and our friendly demeanor are part of the reason. However, here are some additional reasons clients choose us.

  • We’re really good at what we do
  • We think strategically and logically
  • We’re at the forefront of technology
  • We are here to make life easier for our clients
  • We focus on results and increasing sales
  • We are experienced, seasoned pros
  • We are flexible and approachable
  • We have passion for the work we do