Echo builds WordPress website for the SMPS Southwest Regional Conference

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It’s no secret, we really like the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). Whether we’re working with the Chicago chapter, the Heartland Regional Conference or the Southwest Regional Conference, we’re surrounded by friendly, talented, great people. So when the Southwest Regional Conference needed a website to promote their upcoming February event, we were more than willing to help.

We started with a simple site to get the word out. While that did the job initially, our goal was to build a comprehensive site that accomplished two primary things. First, we wanted to build a site that would last beyond the upcoming event. With today’s technology, we knew we could accomplish this with WordPress. So we built a highly customized WordPress site that can easily be modified for future conferences.

Second, we knew the site had to be ready for mobile. We started with designs for desktop, tablet and smartphones for all the site pages. Once the design had been approved, we then did some fancy responsive web design programming. This made the site truly shine on mobile. So whether you’re on your smartphone or tablet, the site adjusts perfectly to your device and delivers a great experience.

We’re proud of the site we’ve built. If you’re an SMPS member, we hope you enjoy the new site and look forward to seeing you in beautiful Phoenix this February. If you want to take a peek at the site, please just hit the link below.

SMPS Southwest Regional Conference Website


CECO chooses echo for major web development project

CECO Concrete Construction has selected Echo for a new web development project. CECO is the nation’s largest concrete subcontractor. Their business is based upon helping contractors and owners build concrete structures while providing the most value for each dollar spent. We’re thrilled to work with such a well respected national leader that has more than 100 years of history. They have a great story to tell and we’re excited to tell it via their new website.

Echo creates a videographic for Symphony Health Solutions

Truth be told, we’re not sure  ”Videographic” is an actual word.  We took an infographic and built a video around it.  So videographic seemed like a logical name. Regardless, what we built for Symphony Health Solutions is pretty sweet. As a company that specializes in healthcare data, they understand how power behind numbers and statistics. So when it came time to promote their Integrated Dataverse (IDV), we let the numbers do the talking. We combined infographic content with a smooth voiceover.  The end result is a highly informative video that clearly conveys all the benefits their customers receive through Integrated Dataverse. Check it out below.

Symphony Health Solutions IDV Video