Client info about the Heartbleed bug

You may have heard the term “Heartbleed” in the past few days. And while it sounds like a medical condition or a Top 40 hit, Heartbleed is a colloquial term for a security vulnerability in a technology called OpenSSL. The Heartbleed Bug allows anyone on the internet to read the contents of a server’s memory—revealing usernames, passwords, and even content.

OpenSSL is a software library for SSL/TLS encryption, which provides security and privacy on a vast amount of sites and servers across the globe. Google, Facebook, and many other large companies are affected by this bug.

We are doing our best to stay on top of the announcements about this bug to make sure our sites are safe. There is no evidence to suggest that this vulnerability was used to gain access to information on Echo’s servers. Our hosting provider has already patched this bug on our servers, so our data is safe from this latest threat.

If you have any questions regarding Heartbleed, please contact us.

Just Launched: A new website for Appraisal Relocation Experts

We recently launched a new site for Appraisal Relocation Experts (ARE). At the core, this website features WordPress content management and responsive web design. On the WordPress side we customized the site extensively. This included a custom section for managing service locations and offices. Our solution made it amazingly easy to do and even featured dynamic mapping with Google integration. On the responsive side we built an adaptive site that works beautifully on all devices. To learn more about this site, please just click the link below.

View this site

ARE imac homeARE-Map---for-web

Imac location

A new logo for the SMPS Southwest Regional Conference

Phoenix SMPS Logo

We love SMPS. It’s just a great organization of fantastic companies in the AEC industry. We recently unveiled a new logo for the 2015 SMPS Heartland Regional Conference in Chicago. Now we are proud to unveil the new logo for the SMPS Southwest Regional event taking place in beautiful Phoenix in February 2015.

With a tagline of “Turn up the heat”, we developed many logo concepts to complement this messaging. The above logo was the chosen winner. This is the first component for the branding of this event which we will be developing.