Echo launches a beautiful new website for Integrity Insurance

iMac Homepage

Integrity Insurance is one of the Midwest’s largest Blue Cross Blue Shield resellers. This highly successful agency needed a site to clearly convey their products and services. Equally important, educating the website user about changes within the healthcare industry was also a key consideration of this web development project. We built a responsive website that features a very visual, clean and well organized structure. Check out this beautiful site.

Integrity Insurance Website

IKEA’s viral video proves print marketing is not dead and clever still works

In the shadow of all Apple’s exciting new product announcements, IKEA delivered a spoof video that just made us laugh. It was brilliantly executed and reinforced the concept that paper and ink still have a place in the world of marketing.  Check it out.  We found it pretty funny and entertaining. Hopefully you will too.


A sweet new infographic for Symphony Health Solutions

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for infographics. Maybe it’s the economics degree that is speaking here, but I have always been one who appreciates charts and graphs. When used within the context of an infographic, it can be a highly creative and effective way to communicate.

When Symphony Health Solutions developed their Integrated Dataverse (IDV), it was the first of it’s kind in the world of healthcare data. In one platform, data from all facets of healthcare is integrated together. This powerful aggregated data can then be analyzed and interpreted. This results in useful, actionable insight that clients can utilize to gain market share and improve brand performance.

As part of their branding campaign, we developed many components to support IDV. This included a logo, sales sheets, a video and this fun and awesome infographic.  For the infographic, we strategically developed the outline for content, which we then utilized to design the piece. The end result is a well-branded solution that features great content along with fun, eye-catching graphics.

symphony_infographic png