A sweet new infographic for Symphony Health Solutions

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for infographics. Maybe it’s the economics degree that is speaking here, but I have always been one who appreciates charts and graphs. When used within the context of an infographic, it can be a highly creative and effective way to communicate.

When Symphony Health Solutions developed their Integrated Dataverse (IDV), it was the first of it’s kind in the world of healthcare data. In one platform, data from all facets of healthcare is integrated together. This powerful aggregated data can then be analyzed and interpreted. This results in useful, actionable insight that clients can utilize to gain market share and improve brand performance.

As part of their branding campaign, we developed many components to support IDV. This included a logo, sales sheets, a video and this fun and awesome infographic.  For the infographic, we strategically developed the outline for content, which we then utilized to design the piece. The end result is a well-branded solution that features great content along with fun, eye-catching graphics.

symphony_infographic png

Echo Produces Virtual Tour for CMIS

Over the past months, we have been collaborating with the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery on the development of a virtual tour video. Featured on the homepage, this video allows CMIS to tell their story in a very dynamic way and also helps their SEO. We worked with our video partners to script, design and produce this 3 minute video.  Check it out.

New Mailchimp automation and workflow tools look pretty sweet

MailChimp logo

We like those folks at MailChimp.  Every few months or so, they deliver new tools to make email marketing easier and better.  In fact they just rolled out some new tools that automate email marketing for their customers. Using their new workflows, one can send one-to-one messages related to customer education, signups, lead nurturing, e-commerce and more.  Check out their blog for more info.

Mailchimp blog