Echo launches a beautiful new website for Benesch

Benesch is a leading, multidisciplinary engineering firm with offices throughout the United States. They are ranked 127th by Engineering News-Record (ENR) and have more than 600 employees.

The key goal with the Benesch website was to build an industry leading solution that was as dynamic as possible. With so many services and locations, Benesch wanted a website that conveyed the latest news, projects and announcements. Customizing the site to give Benesch personnel complete control over the content was critical.

With our website build, we focused first on creating a great design and then built one of the most custom WordPress sites to date. Like all our sites, it’s responsive too. Check it out for yourself via the link below.

View the Benesch Site



Echo creates a big, bold, industry-leading website for Weitz


With more than $1,000,000,000 in annual revenue and greater than 1,200 employees, Weitz is among the elite when it comes to commercial construction companies. While they have offices throughout the U.S., their roots are in the Heartland of the Midwest. As we began working with Weitz we quickly realized that while large in size, there was an honest, hardworking, family feel that defined the Weitz culture. One of our goals was to capture their Midwestern values and convey how the Weitz Way is positively different for job candidates as well as potential clients.

Beginning in the Winter of 2016, we began working on the Weitz website.  With three distinct business units and more than 180 projects, this was clearly one of our biggest web builds. Over the next 4 months we strategically planned, designed and built an awesome website that was uniquely Weitz. We started by thinking big (literally) as we created a full frame design that featured big typefaces and large graphics. The whole site just feels large and powerful in a good way. We complemented the design with animations that have elements gently slide in or up. It’s a nice touch that creates a good user experience.

On the backend, we built a highly custom WordPress content management solution. Custom themes and templates were designed to give our client incredible control. Practically every element of the site is dynamic, allowing the client to make changes without needing the help of a programmer. Custom WordPress sections were built for leadership, projects, expertise, news, publications, press releases, locations and careers. We also made the site completely responsive with tablet and mobile layouts. The result is a big, bold site that can grow with Weitz in the years ahead.

View Weitz Website

Echo launches a new website for Zing Boat Cleaners

Web development is the biggest part of our business. We love building websites. Typically, these projects are quite large in scope. At times, it’s nice to build a smaller site that is well designed, but smaller in terms of page count and complexity. That was the case for Zing Boat Cleaners.

As their name implies, Zing makes products to help boat owners care for their boats. Their customers are distributors. Our goal was to develop a small information site that provided distributors with product information and provided end users with distributors information.

We developed a design that featured a clean, modern layout with hits of color to differentiate products. As we built the site, small animations added to the user experience. We added in a store finder to help end users locate where to buy the product. We also put in calls to action to encourage a discussion with potential distributors. Please check it our for yourself via the link below.

View Zing Boat Cleaner Website