Echo launches a new site for Vertech, a leader in industrial automation


Vertech Website Design

We are proud of the new site we just launched for Vertech. As a well respected leader in the field of industrial automation, Vertech has earned a reputation for designing and implementing highly sophisticated solutions for very large scale projects. We carefully designed and crafted a great site that features big, bold images, a long page format, an intuitive UX, responsive web design and WordPress content management. Collectively this site captures the culture of Vertech while conveying their full capabilities in a visual, highly attractive design.

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Check out the live site

Echo launches new site for Infogix

Infogix Trio

Infogix is a leading technology company specializing in data analysis for enterprise customers. When online transactions occur, you’ll find their technology in action helping to identify fraud, reconcile payments, monitor usage patterns and much more.

With the development of their site, we started with a strategy that drove home the incredible speed and accuracy of their products. We created a highly attractive design and built out a comprehensive site that featured many custom WordPress sections that focused on sharing information such as white papers, webinars, datasheets, infographics and more. The goal was to utilize these assets to create engagement and drive conversions. This site was integrated with leading marketing solutions including Marketo and HubSpot. To view the live site, please click the link below.

Infogix live site

Echo designs a new logo identity for RepNet





Repnet is a new venture in the wholesale commercial supplies market. It is a collective group of manufacturers representative groups that was formed to help them better compete for national contracts and other lucrative opportunities.

We started their brand development with the logo. The goal was to create something that was memorable, yet simple. We developed many options, but the chosen direction featured strong, heavy typography, a powerful green color and a shift in color along the angle of the letter N. It’s a clean, flexible and powerful logo.