Introducing our new, beautiful, customizable, website marketing reports

Echo Website Analytics Report

At Echo, we understand the importance of beautiful design. So when it came to our website marketing reports, we were on the prowl, looking for a solution that provided the data we need in an elegant and beautiful format. We found that solution with our friends at Measureful.

With our investment into Measureful, we can automate the process of data collection, analysis and report presentation. Each month our clients receive a custom built report of their website activity. We pull information straight from Google Analytics and present the data in an easy to digest format. Big, beautiful graphs abound and the most relevant and important information is conveyed. Armed with this information, we can work collaboratively to turn useful data into insightful actions. We can even connect social media and Adwords analytical data which allows you to see how well your social media efforts or pay per click campaigns are working.

If you want to learn more, please let us know. We are happy to share some sample reports with you.

Online Advertising Generates Big Results for Applebee’s

When it comes to marketing on the Internet, most companies will focus on Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. It’s a great way to capture leads and generate conversions based on online search behavior. In fact, pay per click is known for it’s fantastic ROI when compared to other marketing initiatives. At echo, many of our websites have ongoing PPC campaigns.

While pay per click is great, there are other online marketing options that can generate tremendous results too. This was the case with Applebee’s Illinois. When we began working with them on their online advertising in 2010, we looked at many options.  The goal was to drive more traffic to their and their Facebook page. To achieve this goal, we chose to focus on online display advertising to generate interest and drive traffic to these sites.

1 Million Site Visitors
We developed banner/display ads and focused on a new message every month with a very specific call to action such as email, text, or ‘like’. We honed in on current restaurant promotions and specials which resulted in a rotation of 4-5 messages per month. With these banner ads, we were able to reach a very broad audience which led to fantastic results. In fact, Applebee’s had 1 million unique visitors with our display ad campaign. This was a remarkable number that far exceeded Applebee’s expectations.

A fantastic feature of this online campaign is the transparency of the data. Not only do we have general campaign tracking available to us, we also had the ability to track specific call to action messages, allowing us to compare one banner ad to the another.

Valuable Customer Data
Beyond unique visitors, we also were able to gather valuable customer data. One promotion which offered a free appetizer with a text, was able to capture phone numbers. While another free dessert offer, captured opt in emails via a online form submittal.

In the end, this campaign is a great example of how online banner advertising can work. In fact, Applebee’s has expanded this advertising program with us. The territories in Florida, Ohio and Indiana have jumped on board with a campaign of their own in March 2012.

Can online advertising benefit you? Please contact us and we’ll help you sift through all your options and recommend what can work best.