Just Launched: A New Product Website For Yorke Direct


Yorke Direct Website on an iMac

Echo Design Group and Yorke Printe Shoppe have worked together for decades. As one of the area’s finest printers, we’ve partnered with Yorke for a variety of print projects. When Yorke decided to launch a new product called Yorke Direct, they called on us to build a simple site to explain the details of the product. Their innovative product combines tangible, direct mail pieces with remarketing to improve the effectiveness of the direct mail campaign. It’s combining the best of print with the best of digital marketing.

We built their site as a simple, informative, communication forum. The goal was to explain the program and to encourage engagement. Technically, we made the site responsive and we built it with WordPress content management. With this approach,  they can start small, but can scale up as the product grows.  To check out the site please hit the link below.

View the Yorke Direct Website

Echo launches a new site for Vertech, a leader in industrial automation


Vertech Website Design

We are proud of the new site we just launched for Vertech. As a well respected leader in the field of industrial automation, Vertech has earned a reputation for designing and implementing highly sophisticated solutions for very large scale projects. We carefully designed and crafted a great site that features big, bold images, a long page format, an intuitive UX, responsive web design and WordPress content management. Collectively this site captures the culture of Vertech while conveying their full capabilities in a visual, highly attractive design.

View our portfolio page

Check out the live site

The Top Reasons You’ll Love WordPress


At Echo, we love WordPress. We’ve tried others, even built our own, but none of them compare to WordPress. So what is it about WordPress that makes us such enthusiastic fans? Well here are our top reasons.

WordPress is extremely easy to use

Unlike some content management systems, WordPress is amazingly easy to use. You don’t have to be a programmer or technical genius to use it. In fact, you don’t need any technical skills. That’s because WordPress uses a simple and logical interface. So you don’t have to focus on formatting or code. Instead just focus on the content you want to add.

Developers love WordPress

More than 20% of the World’s websites are powered by WordPress. There’s a reason for that. It’s because WordPress is fully supported by developers who love it. They love how easy it is to build sites with WordPress. They love how easy it is to add functionality to their sites via plug ins and add-ons. They love how easy it is to incorporate their designs into WordPress. Put simply, they just love WordPress.

WordPress has an awesome media manager

Adding images or other media such as pdf files is extremely easy with WordPress. That’s because WordPress features a media manager that is excellent. With the media manager you can easily upload files via drag and drop. You can even upload multiple files at once. Additionally, you can make adjustments to your images via the built editing tools with the media manager. So cropping, scaling or resizing images is easy with WordPress.

WordPress is open source

WordPress is open source and that’s an important distinction. As an open source solution, there are thousands upon thousands of developers who work collaboratively to develop tools and technologies for WordPress. Developers work together to adhere to best practices as well as share resources. So when you want to add functionality or new features to your site, odds are there’s an open source resource that can help turn your vision into a reality.

WordPress is free

Do we need to say much more? Where else can you get a piece of technology that is so powerful, so supported, yet it’s totally free.

WordPress is great for SEO

To start, WordPress automatically takes care of a great deal of the mechanics of SEO. WordPress makes your site crawlable by the search engines which is the first step in SEO. Additionally, there are great plug ins such as Yoast SEO and All In One SEO pack that give you amazing control over your SEO efforts.

WordPress is scalable

When you build your website, you want it to grow with you. That’s the beauty of WordPress. It is completely scaleable. With so many plug ins, add-ons and third party integrations, you can easily add new features and functionality. For example, let’s say you want to convert your site to an e-commerce solution? Not a problem. WordPress makes it easy with e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce or WP eCommerce.

WordPress keeps getting better

With a WordPress site, you don’t have to worry about being left behind. WordPress is continually evolving. Updates occur regularly and new features are continually added. So as the world of website evolves, you can be at the forefront with the World’s best content management system.