Ceco Concrete Construction Website

We built a beautiful, content rich, mobile ready website for Ceco Concrete Construction, the nation's leading concrete contractor.

A strong, well balanced design throughout

Design is at the heart of this website. We developed a color palette that features bold colors along with soft shades. Our typography blends ultra thin typefaces with bold, heavy ones. The page layouts feature big images with a well structured grid. In the end, the colors, typography, images and content all come together to form a beautiful, balanced and proportional layout.

A website that was built with a mobile first strategy

We built this site to be “mobile first” with carefully crafted designs for phones and tablets.  On the programming side we made the site fully responsive. So no matter what the width of the screen or the type of device, this site adapts and delivers the appropriate layout. This results in a cohesive and engaging experience across all devices.

A comprehensive projects section with custom filters

When you have more than a century of experience, you have plenty of projects to share. To showcase their outstanding work we created a custom projects section within WordPress. Filters allow the user to view projects by market, region or office. In addition, we created a build a brochure feature which allows one to pick projects to create a pdf brochure that can easily be shared via email.

A long page format that is easy to navigate

With a longer page format, content is easily read by scrolling through the page. The right information is literally a flick away. Custom sections on the page guide the user and deliver the right messaging and content. The end result is a content rich experience that is ultra easy to navigate whether experienced on your phone, tablet or computer.