Integrity Insurance Website

Insurance doesn't have to be confusing. This beautiful, well organized site makes it easy to research, find and apply for the right insurance.

The right blend of clean design and targeted content

While Integrity Insurance sells insurance to people of all ages, a key target demographic is older adults who are looking at Medicare options.  Knowing this, we created a design that was visually inspiring, yet well organized and easy to use; attributes older adults value when using the Internet.

Focused on lead generation and conversions

From the beginning, we designed the website around the goal of generating sales. Strong calls to action are consistent throughout the site and sales focused content educates and informs the user. A conversation with an agent or an online application is only a click away.

A fully responsive mobile solution

We designed extensively for mobile with this site and built it with responsive web design programming. So no matter the scren size, the site automatically adjusts. The end result is a very positive user experience across all device types.  From smartphones to large 27 inch desktops, this site works beautifully.