John Hall Homes Website

As one of the premier home builders in the Chicago market, John Hall Homes needed a new site that reflected their craftsmanship and quality.

Big, bold & beautiful

As we looked at the homes created by John Hall Homes, we were awestruck by the quality, craftsmanship and beauty. They simply created magnificent homes. So we knew our website build needed to show these wonderful homes in a way that utilizes big and beautiful professional photography.

Providing prospective buyers with the info they need

The goal of the site was to sell homes. So we developed a sales focused website showcase the properties for sale and provide the information prospective buyers want. A key feature of our website project was a custom homes section within WordPress which allows one to build a custom page one section at a time.

Mobile friendly with responsive programming

As mobile device usage continues to increase, having a site that is mobile friendly is a necessity. We started by developing unique design layouts for both tablet and mobile phone pages. We then built this site with responsive web design programming allowing it to work on mobile devices without the need for pinching or zooming.

Flexible with custom WordPress blocks

A key feature of our website build for John Hall Homes involved custom content blocks. Because each property listing had varying pieces of content, we developed custom content blocks which allow one to build the page section by section. With this solution, one can specify the type of content, images, documents, videos, background colors,  calls to action, testimonials, headlines and subheads. We even provided control over whether the headlines were on top or on the left.