SMPS Southwest Program Book

When you have an action packed conference, you need a program book to convey all that's happening. We created a work of art to promote this wonderful conference.

Let's turn up the heat

Our cover for the program book features a layered colorful custom graphic made from the flame of the logo. We complimented the graphic with big, make that huge typography to emphasize the theme of this event.

We begin with a spark and a welcome letter

We created a strong opening spread to welcome the reader. As a colorful left hand page with strong typography complimented a right hand page that featured a welcome letter from the Co-Chairs of the conference.

A well structured layout with strong imagery

This program book featured plenty of information related to events, programs and speakers. We designed a well structured layout grid that  guided the user into the content. Fantastic typography was combined with strong visuals and the appropriate amount of negative space resulting in a page that was content rich without being overwhelming.

Big colorful spreads separate key sections

To break up the sections within the book, we created big, colorful spreads. We developed messaging that complimented the “Turn Up The Heat” tagline and displayed this messaging in a very big way. This made if fun and functional.

A type hierarchy guides the reader

Typography played an important role in guiding the user into the desired content. We developed a well defined typography hierarchy for headlines, subheads, body copy, call outs, captions and more. It adds up to a consistent and cohesive experience.