Vertech Website

As one of the nation's leading industrial automation companies, Vertch wanted a website that captured their culture and conveyed their capabilities with a dynamic, intuitive approach.

A visually inspiring site

Our goal for Vertech was to make the website intuitive and easy to use, yet big, bold and beautiful too. We developed a very visual design that features a balanced mix of photos, colors, icons and content. We packaged the design around a long page format that made consumption easy and natural.

Vertech Website Design

Focused on experience and expertise

Vertech’s solutions are highly technical and large in scope. Strategically, we wanted to capitalize on their experience with large automation projects. We designed and built custom project “success stories” within WordPress. This solution provided an interested web user with the details involved with implementation and also featured testimonials and project stats in a beautiful, dynamic layout.

Built for all devices

As a responsive site, it works on all devices. As part of our creative process, we designed and implemented layouts for smart phones, tablets and computers. Each design featured an edge-to-edge, full frame layout with logical layout adjustments made to accommodate each screen size.

Designed to attract top talent

While the website is definitely a lead generation tool, it is also a valuable tool for attracting top talent. A highly custom careers section was built to convey the culture of the company and the benefits of a career at Vertech. A job posting section was built within WordPress. With this solution job openings can easily be added to the website and prospective employees can apply for open positions directly within the website.

A full frame, long page format that works

The website was built with a full frame, long page format. Not only did this look great visually, but it provided a user experience that was intuitive, logical and easy. With a flick of the finger or a scroll of the mouse, content can consumed and calls to action are just a click away.