Weitz Construction Website

As one of the Midwest's largest commercial construction companies, Weitz chose echo to build a big, bold and beautiful site.

A big and modern design

Go big or go home. That was our thinking with the Weitz site. This great organization is a powerhouse in the construction industry and we wanted to deliver a website that conveyed the strength of Weitz. We developed a big design literally. It features big, strong typography, large graphics and big pages with strong content blocks. It adds up to a design that is big, bold and modern.

An immersive user experience

This website features a design that creates an immersive, user focused experience. The edge to edge format fills your screen and the huge headlines grab your attention. As you scroll the page, headlines and other elements slide up subtly and well-positioned calls to action guide you. Each section is clearly defined and the elements all work in harmony.

Works on all devices

As with any site we build, mobility is critical. With the Weitz website, we built it as a fully responsive solution. We created and built designs for mobile phones, small tablets, and large tablets. The end result is a website that works fluidly on all devices, big and small.

More than 180 projects featured

With more than 100 years of history, Weitz has worked on a lot of projects. We built the site with projects at the center. In fact, we launched with more than 180 projects. The project landing page, features easy to use filters, a project search and lazy load functionality that loads projects as you scroll.

As you view each project, you get all the details you would want. A large rotating banner scrolls though project images immediately giving you a feel for the project. Project details along with a bio give you the narrative that is helpful without being overwhelming. As you scroll, other content sections such as the project team, testimonials and related projects add to the experience.