Oct 26, 2017

Our awesome, beautiful, new website is officially live!


OK, maybe being modest isn’t our best feature. We can’t help it though. We love our new site and we’re thrilled to launch it.  We believe you have to practice what you preach and this site reflects our approach for developing modern websites that users love.

This project was a labor of love, along with a lot of sweat and good old-fashioned hard work. The site features a clean and modern design with plenty of white space, along with a consistent graph pattern, our echo blue color, and some great illustrations.  We definitely are proponents of a “less is more” approach and it shows with this site. That doesn’t mean it’s lacking content. Rather, it’s all there but in more of a logical, user-friendly manner.

As a web development and graphic design firm, projects are at the heart of our website. Prospective clients want to see our work and this site was developed to showcase our projects in a great way. Each portfolio page utilizes a custom WordPress page template that is flexible on the backend, yet incredibly visual on the front end. Simply scroll and big project images greet you along with helpful information to provide project-related details.

A special thank you goes out to Leslie Groenwoldt, who created the wonderful design and Mike Pascarella, who did a lot of the programming of the site. We had a great team on this project. We’re extremely proud to show our latest website build. We welcome any comments and feedback.