Sep 22, 2019

Echo builds highly custom WordPress site for Cotter Consulting

Connecting the pieces together

With the recently launched Cotter Consulting website, connectivity was the standout feature of our build. From the beginning, our client’s primary goal was to connect the key dynamic parts of the site together so that users can easily click through to specific content. In essence, we wanted to interweave people, projects, services, markets, and news articles all together throughout the site.

In order to achieve our primary goal, we designed and built layouts that integrated the content into a long page, easy-to-digest format. For example, a project page has a narrative and related photos as expected. However, we also have sections within the project page for project team members, related news articles and related projects, as well as links to the specific markets or services for this project. Want to learn more about a particular team member, market, service or news article? Simply click and you’re learning more.

As far as WordPress sites, this was the most custom WordPress site we’ve ever built, yet it also one of the easiest to use for administrators. As we built each custom section, we focused on making it super easy to build the page and add content. Want to add a team member to a project? Simply click a from a list of team members to add them to the project page. Want to put projects in a particular order? Easily drag and drop the projects in the desired order. Throughout our WordPress solution, we integrated these easy to use, well-known actions to give the Cotter Consulting marketing team the control they desire to build beautiful, robust pages.

If you would like to see WordPress in action for this project, contact us for a demo. To check out the WordPress site, please click the button below.

Echo builds highly custom WordPress site for Cotter Consulting