Nov 06, 2018

Echo launches a new site for Black Star ACA

What’s a sign that you’re doing a good job for your clients? In our eyes, it’s repeat business. If you do a good job the first time, odds are they will continue using you when the next opportunity comes up. That was the case with Black Star ACA. When entrepreneur Mike LeMaster decided to start his next venture with his sons and brother-in-law, he reached out to echo to help develop a new website. Having worked with us on web development with his¬†previous company, we already had a great working relationship. We were excited to get started.

Black Star ACA is in the business of buying and selling commercial assets. As a start-up, they have a tough challenge with many well-established competitors. As we did our competitive research, we realized that while these competitors were formidable, their branding was stodgy, cluttered and old-school. We seized the opportunity to create a fresh, exciting new identity for their site.

We started by developing a design that featured a bold yellow color along with a dark black. We complimented the color palette with a nice typographical hierarchy and a roomy, long-page format the made it easy to understand what they do and how they are different. On the programming side, we built the site with WordPress and made it responsive. To see the site in action, please click the button below.