Mar 15, 2021

Echo launches a new website for Central Baptist Village

Nestled just east of O’Hare Airport, Central Baptist Village is a wonderful senior living center. For more than 100 years, Central Baptist Village has provided an incredible living experience for their elderly residents. You can’t help but smile when you visit this place as the residents and the staff are all so warm and caring.

This project is especially rewarding for the team at echo because we were able to see firsthand the incredible work the staff at Central Baptist Village is doing to keep the Covid-19 virus at bay. The amount of work and effort is staggering. We are truly impressed.

With the website, we wanted to capture the joy residents have when living at Central Baptist Village while providing the information families need when choosing a senior living facility. With the beautiful typography, clean, well-organized layout, and vibrant color palette, we think we accomplished our objective. Please check out the project by clicking the button below.