Echo launches a new website for Downtown Naperville

We are excited to announce the launch of Downtown Naperville’s website. Downtown Naperville has earned a national reputation as one of the country’s best suburban downtowns. With more than 150 shops and greater than 50 restaurants, there is plenty to explore in Downtown Naperville.

When planning the Downtown Naperville website, discoverability was the key. It was important to make it incredibly easy to find shops, restaurants and businesses, whether on a computer or a mobile phone. In addition, we streamlined the content so that the most requested and relevant information is delivered to the user.

We are incredibly proud of the end result, which is a WordPress-powered website with a beautiful, clean design and an incredibly easy UX. It works great on mobile too which is an important feature considering 70% of their web traffic is mobile. In addition, our custom-built WordPress backend gives the marketing team incredible control over their website content.

With the website now live, we invite you to visit the new Downtown Naperville website to experience it for yourself.