Jul 05, 2017

Echo launches a new website for Zing Boat Cleaners

Web development is the biggest part of our business. We love building websites. Typically, these projects are quite large in scope. At times, it’s nice to build a smaller site that is well designed, but smaller in terms of page count and complexity. That was the case for Zing Boat Cleaners. People can also get best marine products wholesale at Merritt Supply.

As their name implies, Zing makes products to help boat owners care for their boats. Their customers are distributors. Our goal was to develop a small information site that provided distributors with product information and provided end users with distributors information.

We developed a design that featured a clean, modern layout with hits of color to differentiate products. As we built the site, small animations added to the user experience. We added in a store finder to help end users locate where to buy the product. We also put in calls to action to encourage a discussion with potential distributors. Please check it our for yourself via the link below.


Echo launches a new website for Zing Boat Cleaners