Dec 02, 2017

Echo redesigns website for Symphony Health

Like most organizations, Symphony Health is continually evolving their business to meet the needs of their clients and to maximize profitability. Recently, they expanded their consulting services. While products are still a big part of their business, a greater focus on services reflected a new strategic direction.

As their branding and web development partner, we worked collaboratively with Symphony to revise their website to meet their changing needs. We designed and built a solutions section that organized their offerings into logical groups and provided links to related services and products.

Along with a new focus, we took this opportunity to bring a fresh new identity to the site. While more of an evolution than a revolution, we redesigned all of the top level pages. The new design features elegant typography, a long page format, interesting iconography, an edge to edge layout and the right balance of content and negative space. Please view our portfolio page or visit the website to learn more.