Get 90 days of thought leadership video content from one studio day

Introducing Studio Day

Video content is fast becoming the most engaging and effective form of business advertising and communication. Whether for your website, social media, YouTube, blog posts, or any other platform, video can be a game-changer for your brand. But, creating consistent and engaging video content requires a lot of resources, time, and planning. Thankfully, with the help of a new Studio Day program from our video partner, Fungi Media, you can generate months’ worth of thought leadership content from a single day in the studio.

How it works

When you participate in the Studio Day program, the Fungi team will guide you every step of the way. The program’s steps are as follows.

  1. Clarify Your Message – The team will start the day with a scripting exercise to prep and get you comfortable with your content plan.
  2. Capture 3 Months of Content – Get coached and directed through every step of the video capture process to ensure your message and voice are authentic.
  3. Grow Your Digital Presence – Receive completely produced and branded video content ready to be shared confidently with your audience.

What you get from Studio Day

Access to experts in marketing and video production

Have you ever tried shooting your own video content or, even worse, paid to have a friend mess it up for you? It sucks! We’ve worked with large Fortune 500 brands to produce everything from million-dollar commercials to simple thought leadership content. We have the proven experience and portfolio to deliver for you.

Clear video scripts and talking points

Not sure how to structure your message and afraid prospects won’t get what you do? We use a simple script outline process to clarify your message quickly and help you build the confidence to deliver it on camera.

3 months of content deliverables

Are you concerned with the cost and time to continue to deliver a thought leadership video consistently? Our setup and assembly line approach allow us to capture enough video to fill your content pipeline for months. After participating you’ll get the following:

  • You’ll have 3 months’ worth of content to 10X your thought leadership
  • You’ll grow your confidence to present on video and be heard by your audience
  • You’ll get started on a trajectory to grow your business exponentially

Let’s Get Started

If you want to capture awesome thought leadership videos you’re proud to share so that you can amplify your business, please contact us to get things rolling. We’ll review the costs, discuss the next steps and introduce you to the Fungi team.