Jul 07, 2017

The eight key attributes that make a website great

What separates the good sites from the great ones? In our eyes, these attributes make the difference, especially when it comes to those powered by a proficient digital marketing agency.

A Stellar Design

A solid, well-constructed design is the foundation for all excellent sites. It establishes instant credibility and conveys professionalism. Additionally, a design that is interesting, cohesive and balanced will connect with users and will deliver a brand image that is positive and influential.

A Solid Type Hierarchy

The typography used in a website is often one of the most overlooked attributes. It’s more than picking the right web font. It’s about creating a strong type hierarchy that guides the reader as well as the skimmer. From H1 headings, to call outs, to calls to action, the typography used plays an integral role within the overall user experience

Excellent Graphics

The images and Unlimited Graphic Design used on a website also play a critical role as they provide a level of interest while conveying a message. Professional shot images along with high quality illustrations such as icons can make a huge difference in the overall perception of a website. In addition, the style of images and icons is important as it sets a tone and gives the user a feel for the brand and design.

An Easy to Use Interface

Whether you’re talking about User Flow, UX or UI, it all comes down to ease of use. A great site needs to be simple, logical and intuitive. It needs to have a clear navigation and It needs to guide the user. A great website will never create confusion or uncertainty. The old adage, “don’t make em think” comes to mind here.

User-Focused Content

Every website is a combination of graphics and content. However, great websites will provide users with the information they seek along with content they find interesting and valuable. Whether a blog article, case study, infographic or another format, well-written content marketing is a fantastic way to be perceived as an expert while providing the user with actionable, valuable content.

Strong Key Messaging & Calls to Action

While some users will read the entire content of a webpage, the majority will not. Instead, they will read bits and pieces as they scroll the page. Therefore, key messaging should be developed to guide the user and convey the most important information. In addition, great sites will provide channels for the user to connect. Great sites will have well-placed calls to action allow the user to reach out and begin a dialogue.

A Custom Mobile Experience

With mobile traffic now at roughly 50% of all site visits, having a responsive site is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Today’s best sites understand the importance of mobile and deliver a custom mobile experience across mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Fast Load Times

Not only is the speed at which a site loads good for SEO, but it’s also good for the user experience. You can have the best site in the world, but it will become worthless if the load time is excessive as most users will simply leave rather than wait. In addition, with so many visits via mobile devices, optimizing mobile page load times is even more important.