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Coreviz Logo & Branding

Coreviz is a newly acquired software platform that provides container visibility throughout the entire supply chain journey. For people who manage containers on a daily basis, Corviz provides accurate, real-time information and advanced reporting to optimize the management and delivery of shipping containers.

We were thrilled to work on this project from the ground up. We started by developing a name for the product, Coreviz, which plays off the words Core and Visibility. Once the name was established, we put together a comprehensive plan to develop the identity and branding to raise awareness and garner interest.



As a newly acquired software platform, Coreviz had absolutely no marketing awareness with AV Logistics customers. Our challenge was to name, design and market this software platform choice to top importers as well as existing customers. Within the first 3 months of marketing, AV Logistics landed a new Fortune 100 client who is utilizing Coreviz for managing all their drayage containers.

We went through extensive research, brainstorming and legal research to come up with a memorable and marketable product name.

We developed a unique logo that used dots above the name to represent the stops along the container journey. The dots are actually brail for the word Coreviz which ties into the visibility Coreviz provides.

To create awareness and promote Coreviz, we developed a roll brochure that emphasized the key benefits of Coreviz. Other marketing materials and premiums were developed to create name recognition and awareness.

A custom-built, landing page was designed and developed to provide interested parties with just the right information to request a demo of the product. A cohesive design tied into other Coreviz marketing components.


The average shipping container has 13 different points of destination through the supply chain journey.

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