Make your mark

All great brands start with a strong identity. The logo and supporting identity system are the foundation for the brand, establishing credibility while conveying a style and personality.


Designing identity systems

Logos and identity systems go hand in hand. At echo, we understand the nuances and details that go into designing a strong, cohesive identity system. From creating concepts, to specifying typefaces, to choosing paper, we provide a turnkey solution to take your identity project from concept through printing.

While the logo is the start of a great brand, an identity system takes things much further. We start with business cards and work our way through letterhead and envelope designs. Our goal is to develop a cohesive design that draws inspiration from the logo.
A key part of our design process is specifying typefaces and colors for your identity system. While your logo has specific colors and typefaces, an identity system often has complementary, secondary colors and typefaces. We will present our recommendations and will make any refinements as needed.
Once a design concept has been refined, we will recommend paper stocks and weights for each identity piece. In addition, we have tremendous experience with printers and can recommend the best printer for printing your identity pieces.

Defining your graphic standards

Once your identity has been developed, ensuring employees and vendors adhere to your branding standards is important. At echo, we can help. Whether it’s a simple style guide or a comprehensive graphics standards manual, our team will put ink to paper to clearly communicate the dos and don’ts with your brand and identity.