4 ways your AEC firm can better utilize your website

In the rapidly evolving Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, a strong website has transitioned from a nice-to-have to an absolute necessity. Yet, many AEC firms still underutilize their websites. Here are four strategic ways your AEC firm can leverage your website to improve various facets of your company.

Establish Credibility

Your website is often the first point of contact with prospective clients.  It’s your opportunity to clearly convey that your AEC firm is a player and capable option worthy of consideration. While most firms have content that conveys credibility, too many websites don’t go far enough. Here are a few areas to address that can improve your credibility:  


One of the primary purposes of an AEC firm’s website is to showcase completed projects and highlight their expertise in various sectors. However, many firms only display a few select projects and fail to update their portfolio regularly. This can be detrimental, as potential clients often judge firms based on their past work and are looking for recent projects.

In your portfolio, focus on a strong selection of projects to give the user a full understanding of your experience. Featuring detailed case studies and high-quality images of your projects will demonstrate your capability and versatility! Allow details to be easily accessible by utilizing internal links to allow the user to easily click through to an area of interest.  


Including a markets section with custom landing pages for each market is not only good for SEO, but it also provides a great user experience. Prospective clients want to understand what you have done within their industry and in their area— a market page is a great way to connect the services, people, projects and thought leadership within a given market. 

Testimonials and Reviews

Include client testimonials and reviews to provide social proof of your reliability and quality of work. These stories bolster credibility and allow your clients to highlight strengths of your work you might not even consider! 

Certifications and Awards

Highlight any certifications, awards, or recognitions to underscore your firm’s industry standing and commitment to excellence.

Centralize Communication

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful company. Your website can and should be optimized to facilitate seamless interactions between your firm, clients, vendors, and partners. Below are some simple ways to boost communication across your site.

Contact Forms

Use customized contact forms for different inquiries (e.g., project bids, general questions) to streamline information gathering and direct queries to the appropriate department. These can also be used as a call to action throughout your website to encourage visitors to get in touch.

News and Blog Section

Regularly update a blog or news section with valuable content related to your field. Be sure to highlight your firm’s knowledge of both the industry and the market to keep clients and partners informed on trends.

Recruit Top Talent

In an industry as heavily reliant on talent as AEC, attracting and retaining top professionals is critical. Your website can act as a recruitment tool, attracting prospective employees and subcontractors by highlighting your firm’s culture, benefits, and career opportunities.

Best practices on how to leverage your website for recruitment are as follows:

Careers Page

Create a dedicated careers page outlining current openings, benefits, and employee testimonials to give potential candidates a glimpse into life at your firm. A general employment inquiry listing can also be used in times of minimal hiring to remain connected with interested professionals.

Culture Showcase

Use videos, images, and employee stories to showcase your firm’s culture and values, making it attractive to like-minded professionals. These details can be so impactful and go such a long way for prospective hires! 

Upload Your Resume

Often, the timing may be off with prospective employees as an applicable job opening may not exist. Don’t let talented people slip away. By having an option to upload your resume, you can connect with top talent and then contact them when a new open position fits their skill set. This is a great way to be proactive with recruiting and talent acquisition.

Pre-Qualify Subcontractors

Streamlining the process for subcontractor qualifications can significantly enhance operational efficiency. Your website can encourage this by providing a clear, straightforward path for subcontractors to submit qualifications and understand your project requirements. A few ways to pre-qualify include the following:

Online Submission Forms

Incorporate an online form where vendors can submit their details, making the selection process faster and more efficient. Using a tool such as Gravity Forms for submissions is ideal as you can easily be notified when a form has been submitted and all data can be exported to your desired file format such as an Excel file.

Project Requirements

Clearly outline typical project requirements and expectations to help vendors assess their fit and readiness to work with your firm.

To summarize, your website is more than just an online representation of your AEC firm. By focusing on these four aspects, you can transform your website from a static digital presence into a dynamic asset that propels your firm forward in the competitive AEC landscape.

If you need help with your website, we’re all ears. We’d love to learn more. Please contact us to discuss how we can unlock the power in your website.