Mar 18, 2022

Echo creates custom video to promote AV Logistics

As part of an ongoing content marketing program, we were excited with the challenge of creating a new video to promote the benefits they offer as a leading third party logistics company. The timing couldn’t be better, as the challenges of Covid-19 have shined a spotlight on the supply chain and AV Logistics offers ways to improve supply chain performance. At the same time, AV Logistics was launching Coreviz, their container visibility platform. We made Coreviz a key part of this video.

As part of the creative process, we wanted to utilize illustrations and animations to tell the AV Story. This allowed us to have a visual consistency throughout, while we avoided overused stock images. We worked collectively with our copywriters, video production teams and the client to create a story board that was refined into a full working video. The video received rave revies at TPM and RILA, two highly influential trade shows within the logistics and transportation industry. In addition the video was added to a custom technology page on the AV Logistics website.