Hello World! Announcing our new website

We’ve been cooking up something special and are beyond thrilled to unveil it to you today: Introducing our brand new website!

Our focus was on pushing the envelope to make our website a more engaging and immersive experience— plus, reinvigorating all the details you’ve come to expect from us: beautiful design, great animations, and refreshed, cutting-edge branding.

However, we didn’t want to rest solely on our looks. The user experience got some TLC, too. Now more immersive than ever, our new website boasts a big design that fills the page, plus new scroll-triggered animations for a bit of interest. On the content side, we’ve amped up our messaging, adding clarity and making the reading experience more than something to just scroll through.

Now, let’s talk tech. This was not left out of the fun— we focused on pushing the boundaries of WordPress, resulting in administrative options that are powerful, flexible and easy to use.. From flexible content blocks to many customization options, we’ve fully expanded the possibilities to give us a complete control of color options, video vs. static images, and content block sizes (full width, large or side by side).

In a nutshell, this website isn’t just a digital placeholder; it’s a testament to what we’re capable of. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in, click around, and get ready to be wowed. We’d love to connect on how Echo can elevate your site if you like what you see.