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For more than a century, National Standard has been manufacturing the wire that makes the world stronger. As one to the nation's leading wire manufacturers, you are sure to find their products in use every day. From the bridges you cross, to the cars you drive, to the power you consume, National Standard products are the backbone of the nation's infrastructure.

Like many manufacturing companies, their business is relationship driven and they do a great job establishing strong customer relationships. However, their website wasn't being utilized as a tool for sales. Our goal was to build a site that complemented their customer relationships. We built a beautiful new site that provided customers with the information they need.

National Standard


With the National Standard website, our primary goal was to develop a site that elegantly delivered important product news to customers. In addition, we wanted to give their site a facelift. lt needed to project a contemporary and modern branding image.

The old site wasn't responsive and was very narrow. This website corrected these issues as we crafted a modern, edge to edge design. Strong typography, big images and plenty of negative space were other positive design elements.

Wires are actually quite technical. Mechanical properties, diameters, materials, wire chemistry and packaging are a few of the attributes that need to be communicated. We built this to delivery this information in an approachable and easy to find manner.

The website features a nice typography hierarchy with well-structured content sections. This made the user experience extremely easy as the user can gain a solid understanding of what National Standard does simply by scrolling.

National Standard
National Standard
National Standard
A century of success

For more than 100 years, National Standard has been manufacturing the highest quality wire for a variety of industries including automotive, transportation, energy, construction, manufacturing and agriculture.

National Standard

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