Echo Launches New Site for Michuda Construction


At Echo, we’re proud to announce a new site we just launched for Michuda Construction, a leading construction company located in the South Suburbs of Chicago. Michuda specializes in construction projects for existing facilities. This website was developed to showcase their work, especially within the healthcare industry, their largest market.

For this website build, we created a responsive site that features a more traditional design. We built a custom WordPress section for their projects with extra filters for healthcare. In addition, we built custom top level pages, a leadership section and news blog. Please click the link below to review our latest site build.

View Michuda Site

Do Pop Up Email Newsletter Sign Ups Really Work?

Email Marketing

A Downtown Naperville Case Study

When we launched the new website for Downtown Naperville in November of 2015, a part of the new site included a pop up for e-mail newsletter signups. The goal was to increase the mailing list so that more people can be made aware of all the events, specials and news related to the Downtown Naperville. The old site had a standard signup in the footer of the site which is very typical of a lot of sites. We were interested in seeing if the pop up caused a surge in signups.

With any type of pop up message there is a trade off between creating awareness and compromising the user experience. On one hand, you want to let the user know about the great content that can be delivered weekly via an e-mail in their inbox. On the other hand, you run the risk of annoying the user which can lead to a spike in bounces and unsubscribes.

With the pop up for Downtown Naperville, we set it up to be active only for new visitors and it would start fresh every month. With this approach we believed it avoid annoying regular visitors, yet would be persistent enough to encourage signups. Whether our strategy was right or not would be determined by the numbers. So how did this approach work out? Surprisingly even better than we imagined.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 11.14.47

If you take a look at the graph above, you’ll see the monthly signups for the Downtown Naperville email newsletter for the past year. Prior to November, list growth was averaging about 45 new signups. Once the new pop up became effective in November, we immediately saw a spike in signups. In fact, November signups were more than 5 times the 45 average with 269 new signups. With a new site, we expected this. However, what we didn’t expect was a consistent month to month bump.

Looking at 2016, we have maintained a strong signup rate at an average of 197 per month. That’s well above the monthly average of 45 from the old site. In fact, the list has grown by 15% in the past 8 months, the strongest growth we’ve seen in years. At the same time, unsubscribes have remained consistently low with 1 or 2 per e-mail sent.

In summary, our case study with Downtown Naperville clearly confirmed that pop up signups can be a great tool for growing your mailing list. The success Downtown Naperville has enjoyed illustrates this conclusion. The key in our eyes is building the pop up responsibly so that it doesn’t become a nuisance for regular site visitors. By using cookies to evaluate whether a site visit is from a new visitor or a return visitor allowed us to maximize the effectiveness of the pop up.

For questions regarding this case study or for more information on e-mail marketing or web development, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Just Launched: A New Product Website For Yorke Direct


Yorke Direct Website on an iMac

Echo Design Group and Yorke Printe Shoppe have worked together for decades. As one of the area’s finest printers, we’ve partnered with Yorke for a variety of print projects. When Yorke decided to launch a new product called Yorke Direct, they called on us to build a simple site to explain the details of the product. Their innovative product combines tangible, direct mail pieces with remarketing to improve the effectiveness of the direct mail campaign. It’s combining the best of print with the best of digital marketing.

We built their site as a simple, informative, communication forum. The goal was to explain the program and to encourage engagement. Technically, we made the site responsive and we built it with WordPress content management. With this approach,  they can start small, but can scale up as the product grows.  To check out the site please hit the link below.

View the Yorke Direct Website