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Belleza Skin Care Institute


Belleza Skin Care Institute

Belleza Skin Care Institute is an upscale medical spa that is affiliated with DuPage Medical Group. Belleza helps their clients achieve the best skin care possible by providing services such as facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion treatments, laser treatments and hair removal. They also offer many lines of skin care products to complement their services.

With Belleza Skin Care Institute, we built this brand from the ground up. We started with name development creating the name Belleza and also the tagline of "The Science of Beaut." We developed a beautiful logo and a supporting identity system. Over the next 7 years, we added to the brand with brochures, direct mail pieces, ads, signage, email marketing and a website.

Belleza Skin Care Institute


Belleza provided patients with non-surgical procedures to enhance beauty, boost confidence and promote wellness. In addition, they also sold products that utilized some of natures best anti-aging remedies. Knowing this, we developed a complete brand that played up the elements and colors of nature, yet also included a contemporary design that featured strong photography.

Our first step with the Belleza brand was to give this new venture a name and tagline. After extensive research, we developed Belleza Skin Care Institute as the official name and "The Science of Beauty" as the tagline.

With an emphasis on natural beauty, we made a leaf part of the logo and chose a light green color. Once the logo was complete, we then designed an identity system to complement the logo.

The development of marketing collateral was a huge part of the brand development. We started by developing a capabilities brochure along with supporting inserts. From there we developed other marketing pieces including direct mail, newsletters, print ads and signage.

Belleza Skin Care Institute
Belleza Skin Care Institute
revenue growth

Belleza was a true success story. What started as one location quickly grew to three. Revenue growth was strong too, growing by more than 500% from their first year.

Belleza Skin Care Institute

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