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Cotter Consulting provides construction management, project management and program management services primarily for the Chicago market. They help take construction related projects from inception to completion. They are proud to be a WBE business and rank within ENR's Top 100 for Construction Management firms.

After more than 24 years in business, Cotter Consulting was ready for a rebranding. They chose echo to rebrand the company. We started by developing a new logo and identity system. From there we expanded into rebranding their proposal system, project sheets, brochures, direct mail pieces, print ads, email marketing and website.

Cotter Consulting


The rebranding of Cotter Consulting was a comprehensive effort. We began with a logo and identity system which became the heart of the brand. Our efforts then extended to marketing and business development collateral, as well as online marketing tools including email marketing and website development.

We developed a new logo that was abstract and unique, yet had a corporate feel at the same time. It featured a strong typeface along with a mixture of red and gray colors.

The Cotter brand featured a bold and bright red color that began with the logo and continued throughout all branding. This red is recognized as Cotter red within the industry and is a key part of the Cotter brand.

While the brand has many parts to it, there is an overall consistency that is reflected in every piece. From the website to the marketing pieces, our goal was to make each brand element instantly recognizable as part of the Cotter Consulting brand.

Cotter Consulting
Cotter Consulting
More than an acronym

As part of the branding, we developed an acronym for the word LEAD. Each letter represented a integral part of their unique client engagement process. Listen, engage, advise and deliver became words that were part of the acronym, but also words they live by. Iconography was created to support this key branding element.

Cotter Consulting

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