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A new brand for a 3PL focused on drayage management

Product Details

AV Logistics is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider specializing in drayage management. It works with leading importers and Fortune 100 retailers to help streamline operations, reduce logistics costs, and improve delivery times. Real-time data is key to managing containers, and AV Logistics utilizes Coreviz, its proprietary visibility platform, to fuel its proactive container management.



Target Markets

Top 100 Retailers, BCOs, Importers, Partner Carriers

Key Services

Drayage Management, Cost Controls, Audits, Chassis Programs, Container Visibility

Building a cohesive and powerful brand

What We Did


Brochures, tradeshow graphics, sales sheets, media kit, case studies, advertising

Digital Marketing

Capability decks, infographics, website landing pages, email marketing, PowerPoint presentations

Web Dev

Website, SEO campaign

The Challenge

To meet goals and expectations, AV Logistics needed to attract leading importers in a very competitive market. Well-funded visibility platforms and international transportation companies were major competitors with bigger budgets and more resources. AV Logistics needed to figure out a way to compete against the big guys.

Our Approach

We took a customer-centric approach with their marketing strategy. We identified and repeatedly emphasized the key benefits of cost savings, improved performance and better visibility throughout the various marketing channels. We also emphasized their industry expertise as this was a weakness with many of their competitors. We streamlined all communications so that the focus was less on AV Logistics and more on the value AV Logistics can bring to the customer.

A brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace

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