• Transportation


  • Name Development
  • Logo & Identity
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing


  • Product Naming
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Programming

Creating awareness for a new container visibility technology platform

Product Details

For people who manage containers on a daily basis, Corviz is a new visibility platform that provides accurate, real-time information and advanced reporting to optimize the management and delivery of shipping containers.



Target Markets

Top 100 Retailers, BCOs, Importers, Partner Carriers

Key Services

Container Visibility, Real Time Data, Milestones, Custom Reports and Dashboards

We started with a name and it grew from there

What We Did


Competitive research, product naming


Logo development, identity system


Brochures, tradeshow graphics, sales sheets, print ads

Digital Marketing

Capability decks, infographics, Powerpoint templates, email marketing, social media graphics, animations

Web Dev

Custom landing page

The Challenge

As a newly acquired software platform, Coreviz had absolutely no marketing awareness with AV Logistics customers. Our challenge was to name, design and market this software platform choice to top importers and existing customers.

Our Approach

We were thrilled to work on this project from the ground up. We started by developing a name for the product, Coreviz, which plays off the words Core and Visibility. Once the name was established, we put together a comprehensive plan to develop the identity and branding to raise awareness and garner interest.

Big, bold and beautiful