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Global Exchange Magazine

Naperville based Calamos is a global investment firm providing excellence in investment management and client services. Financial products they sell include mutual funds, managed portfolios, closed-end funds and private funds. Their clients include major corporations, pension funds, endowments, foundations and wealthy individuals.

Global Exchange Magazine provides very wealthy individuals with guidance and advice related to wealth management. We designed and produced all graphic aspects of this 24 page publication including developing a color palette, defining typography, choosing unique imagery and selecting a high quality paper.



The Global Exchange Magazine is a publication for Calamos Wealth Management, a division of Calamos which helps individuals, families, and foundations meet their current financial management needs. Recipients are very wealthy and typically need financial guidance. This magazine was developed to promote the benefits of utilizing Calamos for their wealth management needs.

The use of large typography for key messaging and call outs is a big part of the design. From a design standpoint it creates interest. From a content standpoint, it delivers key information

Unique images that are often used at a large size are also a key part of the design. We tried to utilize images that were unique and interesting for the reader.

Traded on Nasdaq

Calamos was began in 1977 and is traded on the Nasdaq exchange. Today it employs more than 350 individuals and has a worldwide reach.

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