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Thatcher helps the global, multi-channel marketing industry redefine the relationships that drive their success. They are an innovator for direct selling businesses of all sizes, across all markets.

As their web development partner, we created a visually inspiring WordPress website. Fun illustrations along with a solid typographical structure and big, bold hits of color made this site interesting and memorable.

Thatcher Technology


Thatcher Technology is the leading sales software company for organizations in the direct selling, multi-channel industry. We designed and built a site that was fun, yet all business. Big graphics and strong hits of their Thatcher green are the cornerstones of the sales focused website.

At the heart of our solution for Thatcher Technology is a strong design. Like many software companies, Thatcher does not want to use product screenshots due to competitive concerns. Knowing this, we took an illustrative approach, utilizing fun graphics and icons throughout to support content and messaging.

This website was designed for potential clients. Afterall, clients drive revenue and ultimately determine the success of a company. Content was developed with a sales focus to encourage engagement. Calls to action persuaded interested users to connect and begin a dialogue.

We built their pages with a long page format. By scrolling, a user is greeted with easy to digest content that is well organized into logical content sections. In addition, we capitalized on the strength of their Thatcher blue color and incorporated  strong typography to complement the visual appeal.

Thatcher Technology
Thatcher Technology
Thatcher Technology
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While prospective clients are the primary target market, the site was also built for potential employees. Thatcher is in a highly competitive industry and acquiring top talent can be very challenging. We developed a custom careers page that captured the culture, conveyed the benefits of employment and connected the user to job openings

Thatcher Technology

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