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While their headquarters are nestled in the Western suburbs of Chicago, the expertise of V3 extends well beyond national borders. As an engineering, construction and environmental firm, they have a broad expertise that is applied throughout the world. With more than 30 years of history, a strong leadership team and a track record of success, they had a great story to tell and plenty of content to share.

During our initial discovery meetings, we could tell that this was an employee focused company. As part of our strategy, we wanted to capture their culture to tell their story in an engaging and interesting manner. We built a website that features a clean modular design but is driven by content that showcases their projects, communicates their expertise, recognizes employee contributions and captures the V3 way.

V3 Companies


As we worked with V3, we were impressed with how versatile this company is. From engineering solutions in Downtown Chicago to waterways in Haiti, V3 has tremendous experience with many disciplines. Our primary goal of the website build was to provide them with the ability to shine a light on key projects, initiatives, personnel or services.

We built a site that is amazingly dynamic with exceptional control over the content. With this approach, site administrators can easily keep their pages fresh with new content such as thought leadership articles, featured projects, and employee spotlights.

At the heart of the V3 website is a graphic design that communicates on a significant level. Users get engulfed in a combination of big beautiful images, clean typography and the appropriate amount of negative space. It's the right visual blend resulting in a welcoming page that connects with the casual scroller, as well as the avid reader.

With a large segment of their employees being Millennials, the site had to appeal to this critical demographic. A long page, scrollable format, employee spotlight articles, a responsive design and social media integration, were attributes that Millennials appreciated.

Having a site that was mobile friendly was a must-have item. Fortunately, we are quite adept at building responsive websites. V3’s website was no exception as we designed and built a responsive solution that works beautifully on mobile devices of all sizes.

V3 Companies
V3 Companies
V3 Companies
Visio, Vertere, Virtute

So what exactly does V3 stand for?” V3 represents an acronym for three Latin words – “Visio,” “Vertere,” “Virtute” or “The Vision to Transform with Excellence” – a statement of the aspirations they have for the growth of their employees, their service to clients and the impact they have in their communities.

V3 Companies

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