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Vertech is one of the nation's leading, industrial automation companies. They integrate highly complex technology and software to streamline operations and improve efficiencies. The majority of their projects are in the industries of water/wastewater, alternative energy, manufacturing, mining, baggage handling, and food & beverage processing.

As part of our discovery, we learned that Vertech wanted a website that adequately conveyed their industry-specific knowledge while capturing their customer-focused culture. We designed and built a responsive, WordPress site that was customized throughout, with strong hits of color, unique illustrations, and valuable, well-organized content.



Our goal for Vertech was to make the website intuitive and easy to use, yet big, bold and beautiful too. We developed a very visual design that features a balanced mix of photos, colors, icons and content. We packaged the design around a long page format that made consumption easy and natural.

Color defines the design for Vertech as big hits of their dark blue and golden yellow are throughout the design. This guides the eye and helps differentiate each content section as it creates a strong visual separation.

The website has a nice combination of photography and illustrations. We chose a progressive, modern style for all illustrations to convey the "cutting edge" technology and services Vertech provides.

The content provides the user with useful information about the company and services, as well as practical examples through industry-specific case studies that are associated with each market page.


Comprehensive Case Studies

With each market page, you'll find a comprehensive case study for that particular market. We custom built a WordPress case study page template to make it easy for the client to add, edit or replace any case study.


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