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Symphony Health is one of the nation's leading providers of healthcare and pharmaceutical data. They offer a variety of products, as well as consulting services to help clients turn healthcare data into valuable insight and actionable plans.

As their branding and web development partner for more than 5 years, the website played a key role in their rebranding effort. We designed a clean, beautiful site and also created assets such as sales sheets and infographics which are used within the site.

Symphony Health


The Symphony Health site is a great example of a clean, modern website. Elegant page layouts, strong typography, and unique iconography are the key attributes that define the design.

We extensively crafted every detail of this site. A light color palette along with the intermittent use of bold colors created great impact. Custom icons were used throughout the site and a light, serif typeface worked quite well with all aspects of content. The end result is a beautiful, well-structured design that is attractive, well branded, welcoming, but not overwhelming.

A well-defined typography structure stands out when combined with this very clean layout. We chose a great typeface and defined a type hierarchy that was then applied throughout the site.

This site works especially well on mobile devices, especially phones. In order to achieve this result, we carefully crafted and tested mobile layouts to ensure the mobile user experience is as strong as the desktop experience.

Symphony Health
Symphony Health
Symphony Health
Sources of Data

Symphony Health’s IDV® (Integrated Dataverse) is the most comprehensive and interconnected source of healthcare data in the industry, bringing together their vast claims resources – medical, hospital, and prescription – with their rich point-of-sale prescription data, non-retail invoice data, and demographic data. Add it up and it's nearly 1,000,000 sources of data.

Symphony Health

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