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Yorke Direct Encore is a new program developed by Yorke Printe Shoppe, a leading commercial printer in the Chicago Market. Yorke Direct combines traditional direct mail with the latest in online tracking and marketing. This allows customers to get the best of both worlds with their marketing.

Our job marketing the Yorke Direct program was to clearly convey the huge benefits of call tracking, mail tracking, and online follow-up marketing when used as part of a direct mail campaign. In addition, we had to clearly explain how this program works in a simple, digestible manner.

Yorke Direct


A clean, simple, straight-forward design defined The Yorke Direct Encore brand. Strong typography and lots of white space allowed the reader to focus and absorb key information at a glance.

Our approach was to keep it simple. Whether a brochure, website or direct mail piece, we didn't want to overwhelm the reader with too much info. Instead, we wanted to provide just the right amount of information to get them to take the next step.

With a target market of graphic designers, we understood that clean design would appeal to them. So we developed pieces that put the benefits of the Encore at the forefront while utilizing big bold colors and strong typography.

Yorke Direct
Yorke Direct
Yorke Direct
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When it comes to direct mail, 90% of interested prospects will visit your website after receiving your direct mail piece.

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